Saturday, July 9, 2011

Personal Experience and Faith

I came across something I had written down during my morning quiet time a few months ago that I thought I would share. Here are a few of the thoughts that I have had while reflecting on my relationship with the Lord since our miscarriage.

“Qualities of our Heavenly Father that I TRULY understand and have personally experienced since losing our baby…

  • The God of Comfort
  • Strength Giver
  • Only Source of Pure Joy
  • Source of our Only Hope
  • Giver of Immeasurable Unexplainable Peace

My prayer life has a new passion.

I now have a greater sensitivity to those who have lost a child or may be going through various other hardships. I have been given many opportunities to reach out to friends/acquaintances experiencing hardships and the Lord has allowed me to “comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God.” 2 Corinthians 1:4

I have a new excitement and yearning to get to Heaven!

I have learned to TRUST Him….REALLY and TRULY trust Him. I know that He is in control…my faith was tested and continues to be tested but I have learned what it truly means to trust and to rest in His promises.”

It is such an amazing blessing that I have truly been able to experience firsthand how amazing our Heavenly Father is. I grew up in church, I became saved as a young child, and KNOW about His qualities, KNOW what the Bible says but until losing our child I hadn’t personally experienced so much of what I have always read about. My faith has now become personal, not just theoretical. So very cool how God can use anything and everything that we experience for our good and for His glory!


  1. Preach on, sister! Praise be to God!

  2. My pastor said this in a recent sermon: God is more concerned with what He is doing IN us than what He is doing FOR us. In light of our infertility struggle this really resonated with me. I should be more consumed with what God is doing in me than what He is doing for me; I need to be more focused on what God is using our infertility to accomplish within us than what He might give us in the way of an addition to our family. I'm trying. :)

    Thank you for sharing!