Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Relearning to walk is hard! I have been in this wheelchair for so long that satan is getting in my head and telling me I can't do this. I know God is capable of anything, but it hard to get rid of these thoughts. It's not a purposeful thought, but it's there and it is impacting my walking. When I relax I do so much better, the rest of the time I am tense and stiff.

I've been listening to podcasts from Louie Giglio (sp?) called "Giants Must Fall". In it he talks about the story of David and Goliath. He says that we are not David, slaying our giants with God's help; Jesus is the giant slayer. And He's already slayed the giant! Our giants can be fear, need for acceptance, anger and, in my case, doubt/can't do it attitude/fear of failure. Call it whatever you wish, but my thoughts aren't pretty.

BUT Jesus has already slayed the giant! Lord, help me trust you!!!

Monday, June 19, 2017


Have you heard of PEMF therapy? You lay on a mat that gives off a pulsed electro magnetic field (or something. I don't know how it works). It increases blood flow, gets rid of toxins and allows your body to heal itself. Sounds hokey BUT I have been using one at therapy and I have a tingling in parts of my body on the right side (I normally don't have feeling), I have a decrease in pain and my walking is better. CRAZY. This mat really is working!! Can't make up the sensation on my right side. We bought one so I can use it everyday. (I was going to write more but I have a VERY fussy, disobedient child today. Gotta calm him down.)