Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Elijah's Forever Family Day

Today marks one year since Elijah left the orphanage. Some people call it Gotcha Day, and this might be controversial, but I am not a fan of that terminology. Many children who are adopted already feel stolen, or like they were taken against their will, and this terminology only reinforces those feelings. Anyway, that was a side note, but Elijah has been a Williams for a year!!

The first picture is from the third trip, when they picked him up, and the second and third pictures are recent. :)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can's and Can't Yet's

I've got some lists...

Things I CAN do (that I wasn't able to do on October 16, 2012...not to say that I do them quickly or without adaptation...but I do them):
- breathe on my own
- feed myself
- get in and out of my wheelchair by myself
- wash my face and brush my teeth
- put on my own make-up (except for eyeliner and mascara)
- stay home alone
- stay home alone with Elijah
- dress myself
- make myself coffee
- change diapers (even poopy ones)
- use the microwave to fix E and I meals 
- unload and load the dishwasher 
- clean up after meals
- shave my own armpits and legs
- shower 
- use the bathroom
- crawl
- put on my own earrings
- and more

Things I cannot yet do:
- stand without balance help
- feel my right side
- walk (with a walker) without someone standing by
- get in and out of a car alone 
**Everything listed above has drastically improved
- laundry
- jump, skip, hop, etc
- drive 

Specific prayer requests for healing:
- for complete feeling to return on the right side
- that my balance will improve facilitating standing and walking 
- that these muscle tremors would go away
- tone in my arm, hand, leg and foot would decrease
- pain would decrease
- double vision would go away
- nystagmus would go away
- hearing would improve in right ear
- voice would continue to improve so that I can always be understood...tone, pitch, etc
- that my right hand and shoulder will regain more fine motor skills 
- that my right hand will regain complete mobility 
- increased coordination
- I'm sure there's more but that's all for now

Me walking last November....I don't have a current one, but just picture a lot less adaptation and assistance. Oh yea, and more weight on me (wheelchairs are not good for the figure)...

Friday, November 15, 2013

Bible Verse

"I cry out to God Most High, to God who fulfills his purpose for me." (Psalm 57:2, ESV)

Saturday, November 9, 2013

No Escape

I just wish for a moment of reprieve. What I mean by that is there is just no escape from the effects of the stroke. I can't escape by just watching TV or a movie, my vision (the double vision and nystagmus) is a constant reminder. I can't just go for a run, I can't walk without a walker...I definitely can't run. I can't read a good book or magazine, again, vision. I can't just go take a bath, my balance is terrible so I need help getting in and have to work at staying in a sitting position and not drowning. :) I can't just listen to music, my right arm and foot are in constant pain.

My therapists are always suggesting i do different exercising at home, and while I appreciate that, I can't even just sit and play with my son without feeling guilty that I'm not doing anything towards my recovery.

I say all this not complain, really, as always, I just want to be real. 

No escape. Boo.