Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Can's and Can't Yet's

I've got some lists...

Things I CAN do (that I wasn't able to do on October 16, 2012...not to say that I do them quickly or without adaptation...but I do them):
- breathe on my own
- feed myself
- get in and out of my wheelchair by myself
- wash my face and brush my teeth
- put on my own make-up (except for eyeliner and mascara)
- stay home alone
- stay home alone with Elijah
- dress myself
- make myself coffee
- change diapers (even poopy ones)
- use the microwave to fix E and I meals 
- unload and load the dishwasher 
- clean up after meals
- shave my own armpits and legs
- shower 
- use the bathroom
- crawl
- put on my own earrings
- and more

Things I cannot yet do:
- stand without balance help
- feel my right side
- walk (with a walker) without someone standing by
- get in and out of a car alone 
**Everything listed above has drastically improved
- laundry
- jump, skip, hop, etc
- drive 

Specific prayer requests for healing:
- for complete feeling to return on the right side
- that my balance will improve facilitating standing and walking 
- that these muscle tremors would go away
- tone in my arm, hand, leg and foot would decrease
- pain would decrease
- double vision would go away
- nystagmus would go away
- hearing would improve in right ear
- voice would continue to improve so that I can always be understood...tone, pitch, etc
- that my right hand and shoulder will regain more fine motor skills 
- that my right hand will regain complete mobility 
- increased coordination
- I'm sure there's more but that's all for now

Me walking last November....I don't have a current one, but just picture a lot less adaptation and assistance. Oh yea, and more weight on me (wheelchairs are not good for the figure)...


  1. Thanks for posting this Lisa - you have been in my prayers often, but this really helps so that I can pray for healing over your specific issues...

  2. You are an inspiration! Praying for you!

  3. Sending many prayers your way, Lisa. It sounds like you have come a very long way, with many accomplishments behind you! You are an inspiration!

  4. God bless you! Your improvement is amazing and I pray it will continue!

  5. I often think about you and your beautiful little boy, wonder how you are doing. I stumbled upon your blog well over a year ago while we were going through the same process, at almost the same time. I feel somewhat connected to you as we both have been blessed by our little boys who are about a month apart in age. I can not nor will not take for granted a second of my time with my Dmitry for I know how hard you have worked to make your time precious with your precious Elijah. It brings me relief and happiness to hear your progress and I will continue to pray for you. Elijah is VERY lucky to have such an awesome trooper of a momma! Happy American Thanksgiving.

  6. Heavens to Betsy! Lisa!!! I haven't read blogs in so long and you and one other person on my list I felt compelled to read! My heart is both breaking and bursting reading these posts! Congrats on Elijah, he's totally amazing! And what can I say about your stroke?!? That is awful, but your spirit is amazing and inspiring! I've not experienced a stroke but I've treated many stroke patients and not many have had your attitude (I'm an SLP). You have great reason for such determination obviously with your faith and Elijah! I will certainly be praying for your healing!!! Can you do audio books or do those bother you too?