Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Past Few Months in Pictures…

IMG_0187 I went to Atlanta to visit my sweet friend Courtney and her adorable baby Harper Kate.

IMG_0186Went to the original Chick-Fil-A which apparently is called the Dwarf House…still have no idea why.

Went to Camp APAC for a week but have no pictures yet to show for it.

IMG_0188Barry learned to crochet. (In his defense, this was not his choice).

IMG_0251 I flew a helicopter. Very intently too I might add.

IMG_0256Then Emily and I went on an exciting plane trip together…you’d think I would have at least cropped our feet out…

IMG_0259Posed in front of a real army helicopter while I “showed hope”.

IMG_0272Went to the beach with our Nashville friends and buried their son.

IMG_0279Saw an awesome sunset on our anniversary beach trip.

IMG_0296I apparently wore my Show Hope shirt too much.

IMG_0320Stayed at the most amazing hotel in the world in Orlando for a grand total of $69 for 3 nights. Awesome. Deal.

Also figured out how to take the time stamp off the camera.

IMG_0321Ate a giganticly yummy pizza.

IMG_0332Went to Magic Kingdom and got arrested. Or whatever is happening here.

IMG_0329Rode some roller coasters.

IMG_0353Made some weird faces.

IMG_0356Got wet.

IMG_0357Jammed with Jars of Clay, Toby Mac, Mercy Me, Newsboys, Jeremy Camp, Skillet and many others at Night of Joy!

Used the word ‘jammed’ for the first time ever.

The End.


  1. You are so cute! Did you know that?! I mean, how much more gorgeous can you get?! You look great.... I love and miss you!

  2. How fun!!! You guys are too cute. We'd totally be hanging if we lived in the same area.

  3. Awesome photos! I liked seeing some of your expressions ... i.e. the pizza, the stockade, etc. Very funny! :)

  4. You are one goofy girl, but I guess that is why we all love you!

  5. Sugarbusters doesn't have anything on that pizza.

    The Dwarf House evolvede from The Dwarf Grill which was Truett Cathy's first restaurant he opened in 1946. It was named that because it was so small.

    Who has an autographed copy of Cathy's bio?