Saturday, March 4, 2017


Well, I should have posted this before now, but I had surgery this past week. A hysterectomy. I stayed one night in the hospital and have been home two nights. Yesterday was bad. The abdominal pain has been manageable, I have a high pain tolerance, but my body is WEIRD.   It takes pain not normally. I can deal with the abdominal pain but the whole right side of my body throbs. It apparently can't tell where it hurts so it's decided to hurt everywhere. Lovely. Yesterday I was alternating Advil and percoset and was still crying, I was in so much pain. 

So far, so good today! Yay! The hardest part will be laying low. I am a bustler!! But I know I need to take it very easy. Sigh. 

I am COMPLETELY ok with having the hysterectomy. In fact, it was me that suggested it to my dr. It's just amazing how far I've come. To praying that that uterus would carry a baby to practically volunteering to have it taken out. God is good!

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