Thursday, August 24, 2017

Don't Waste Your Gifts

We are participating in Awesome August at our church (a revival, but one night a week). This past Monday night is the speaker was Willy Rice. He spoke on Matthew 25, the parable Jesus told about the rich master. In this parable the master entrusts his money to three of his servants and tells them he is going on a journey and will be back in a couple years. When the master comes home, he found that two of the servants invested his money and made more and the third buried the money and did nothing with it. The first two servants were rewarded and the third one was condemned. 

I had never seen the story this way, but Willy said from this passage we know exactly what the Lord expects of us. He has entrusted to us our talents, time and treasures and we are expected to use them well, to bring him glory. We are not called to "sit" on our talents, but to USE them. To multiply them. We all have time (not extra but 24 hours per day), talents God has blessed us with and things He has given us and we need to use them for Him! 

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