Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Hidden Cost of Adoption

No one tells you about the hidden costs of adoption. Sure we got a break down from our agency about costs that we could expect to incur, but the hidden costs…

Things like…

IMG_1274 IMG_1275 and…

IMG_1283 IMG_1292 and…

IMG_1288 IMG_1312 and…


This is just a small small sampling of the “retail therapy” as Dee Dee (the other family that travelled to Russia with us for their first trip) describes it. I can’t seem to stop buying things for him. I have been buying from outlets, zulily, totsy…I’ve been buying things on sale and with coupons. So that’s something…

I was talking about said retail therapy with a friend and she pointed out that it probably is the only thing that makes me feel connected to him. It’s all I can do to care for him right now. That’s totally it. It makes me feel like I am doing something when I purchase things/get things ready for him. It’s all useful things, after all, he needs clothes on his body, he needs useful toys, he needs a place to sit, a way to travel…but my goodness, I need to stop. :)

Side note…I have this obsession with onesies and since he won’t be able to pull them off for much longer, if you ever come to my home in the near future after we bring him home, that is what he will be wearing. :) Also, I have a new obsession with t-shirts with appliqu├ęs and his name/monogram on them (thanks a lot Jill. I got one at a shower I had this past weekend and now I need more…need is a strong word there…). I want a whole wardrobe of them.

And the other hidden cost for us…food. Comfort food. Raisinets, ice cream, greasy hamburgers and fries…anything that I don’t have to prepare and cook. My friend Kat (who is also adopting and has been in the process for a very very long time) and I decided that we need to market adoption pants with a drawstring/stretchy waistband. Yep.


  1. I totally need some adoption pants :)

    I know just what you mean - whenever I get really down about the waiting I find myself shopping, and I think you're right that it's about feeling connected to my little one :)

    Trust me when I tell you that one day you will see your little boy in those outfits and it will bring tears to your eyes to remember how hard this wait was...and how worth it the wait was!!!!

  2. You are so right! Just be prepared- the retail therapy doesn't end when you bring him home! =)

  3. I too am guilty of participating in retail therapy while we wait for our son. Some things are too cute to just pass up.