Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Russian Medicals and More Exploring

We started off our day today with this...

A $50 breakfast consisting of a 1/2 sandwich and water for Barry and a pastry and a cappuccino for me. Wow. Then we headed here...

The "clinic" for our medicals. It was really quite a joke. When we got there we went into a little conference room with Val and waited for the doctors to begin arriving. There was a form for 8 doctors to sign (all of which were females which we thought was interesting)...3 doctors signed the form without even coming down to see us, one doctor came down but didn't ask us anything, one doctor asked "Have you had any surgeries?" another asked "Have you had a mammogram?" Then one lady tested our reflexes and had us close us our eyes and touch our nose with our finger. And that was literally it. The forms we needed were signed, stamped and after a hefty payment we were ready to go. In and out in an hour.

We saw Moscow State University on the way back....

The main building was huge!!! This picture in no way does it justice.

Then we went for a walk...at one point we saw someone driving a tractor down the street, which wouldn't seem that out of place back home, but seemed really odd in the dead center of the 5th largest city in the world of ~12 million people, including the most billionaires in any one city. See if you can spot the vehicle that doesn't belong...

Then back to Red Square!! We remembered to take pictures with our phones today. :)

We ate at a little cafe in Red Square and had birds trying to attack us...

Had some Russian cuisine...it may look kind of gross, but it was actually really good, especially the beef stroganoff (which we didn't know was Russian), and it was much better than the Hamburger Helper variety, and to my surprise, had no noodles.

Went to the biggest, nicest mall maybe ever...there were three corridors like this one, and each one went as far behind me as what you see in front of me in this picture!

And now we're back at the hotel! We are really enjoying Moscow but so ready to get back to Volgograd!! Headed there tomorrow!! Yippee!!!!



  1. Now that's my kind of stroganoff :) Have fun in Volgograd!!!

  2. Yeah! Your medicals are over and you're one more step closer to bringing Elijah home. You'll do great in court too. And the pictures of the green beans made me laugh. We flew Aeroflot for all 3 trips and they served the same exact meals every time. I could actually taste the cold beans and tuna when I saw the picture. And you're right about the chocolate dessert. Awesome!!! Say hi to Lena and Natasha for me. Laura S.

  3. That's crazy about the physicals! I'm glad it wasn't any big deal.
    Too funny about the tractor! Enjoy your time there!

  4. I am always shocked at the price you pay for food there! Really shocking, like $40.00 for one plate of fajitas. Here in New Mexico it'll cost $15 or less per plate, and $15 is a big plate!

  5. I have been to many, many malls all over the world and I have yet to experience one as FABULOUS as The Gum Mall in Moscow!!! It took my breath away!! Good thing Moscow has the most number of millionaires because you need to be one to shop there!!! Safe trip to Volgograd...Elijah awaits!!