Monday, February 10, 2014

Last Chance

Well this is my last shot at muscle spasm medication. I have had terrible and constant muscle spasms and increased tone on my right side for almost a year, have seen three doctors, and tried 10+? medications. Because of where the damage occurred, medication is not thought to help, but we wanted to try. 

Our only other earthly chance at improving the tone at least, is something called Deep Brain Stimulation. Sounds fun doesn't it? There is a risk of stroke with this, so...  We have a followup appointment in I think May to discuss this option further.

For now we pray that this medication will work or, best case scenario,that God would divinely intervene and provide relief.  

I'll leave you with a cute one of my cutie who climbed into our bed with his bible on his own.  


  1. I continue to pray for you sweet Lisa! I love you!

  2. Praying for you, and he is precious.

  3. Gosh, he is so adorable!!! And, I will continue to pray for you, Lisa. I've had muscle spasms in my back and neck, and while I can't imagine how difficult this entire right side is for you girl, I know how frustrating, and painful those constant spasms can be. and they just grate on your nervous system, your emotional system, just everything. No FUN, at all!! So girl, I pray these CEASE in Jesus Name. I love how you said, "earthly chance at improving." It's easy to overlook the many miraculous ways God can help us. You are an amazing woman of Faith and a daily encouragement.

    PS - Skelaxin was my favorite muscle spasm med because, it does not make you need a 3 hour nap or get the foggy brain like the others.

  4. Lisa, I will add you to my daily prayers.
    How sweet is E!!! <3

  5. Hi Lisa, Have you looked into the Sensory Learning Program? It has been known to help those who have experienced brain trauma. There are several doctors and therapist around the SE that offer SLP. I just wanted to bring it to your attention in case you haven't heard of it before. I have attached one testimony that I found while searching Google. Praying for you and your family.


    "It has been over three months since I completed the Sensory Learning Program. I must say I couldn't tell immediately that I had great improvement other than a few areas such as my balance, (you know that as a result of a stroke years earlier I have been living with a very precarious balance), and being able to sleep much better. It seems though I can't tell of great improvements others can! Also, I can tell that there are constantly small and large improvements. I walk better and instead of only being able to wear the flattest of flats, I can now wear a 1-11/2 inch high heel. This improvement is not only a wonderful physical improvement it definitely affects my outlook about how I look and how fashionable I can be. I think my speech is improved or I should say I know my speech is improved - people are not constantly asking, "What did you say?" Probably my hearing (I have only 5% hearing), has improved also - as I am also not asking others "What did you say?"

    Following is a list of areas that either myself or others see improvements in:

    Co-ordination - increase in walking and general movements

    Balance - don't fall nearly as much or as often

    Sleeping - longer and better

    Speech - improved in clarity, people understand me better

    Voice - (I think this is different from speech.) Not as hollow sounding -others tell me this, I can't tell.

    Hearing - I can hear others better (not great but better)

    Language - (You are the first person who told me the name of the condition that I have had since my stroke - dysnomia - where I cannot recall the names of everyday words, car, house, dog, etc.) This condition is much improved. I am delighted that my problem with recall of names of words doesn't occur nearly as frequently. (This has been especially frustrating to me. So, I guess I should add one more.

    Less Frustration

    It feels really great when even if I can't tell improvements in all these areas, other people tell me they can. Jeannie, I did expect some improvement (any would have been good) but the Sensory Learning Program has far exceeded my expectations and I think I may be improving gradually even now three months later.

    I wish everyone in the world knew about this program. I am so glad I discovered it and it was available right here in Greenville. Thank you! Thank You!


    Mrs. D