Monday, March 10, 2014


I have held off writing this post because...well, you'll see. 

Right after the stroke there were cards galore, packages, visits, meals, etc. If you gave one of the above, THANK YOU. Every bit of it meant more than you'll ever know. But now...there is one person that continues to send cards (thank you!!) and one personn that is now coming by weekly (thank you!!). There are a few others that have visited, sent cards and made phone calls (thank you!!)

Now, before you think I'm ungrateful (one of the reasons I hesitated in writing this post), think about all the interaction you get with others. At work, at the grocery store, at Walmart, on the phone, with your neighbors when you get the mail...I don't have that. I'm not throwing a pity party, just telling it like it is. 

I am partaly to blame. Phone calls go both ways. But I can be hard to understand on the phone and I hate having to repeat myself. I am losing touch with people and it makes me sad. My mom is also close by and would gladly take us anywhere but that is not the way it should be. If that makes any sense  

I am SO grateful for Elijah. So grateful. But I am a very social person. This is probably the hardest part of the stroke. 

This is not a plea for visits, calls, cards, etc. (another reason why I hesitated in writing this post) Just keeping it real. 



  1. I completely understand. Your old life stops when you get sick but everyone else still continues. The things you took for granted like talking to people about their day are few and far between. It is hard for me and I have small issues in comparison. I will never look at driving my car or having lunch with a group of people the same. Thank you for sharing, Lisa.

  2. In a similar way, we have experienced that with all we have gone through with our boys. People just get caught up and don't really understand LONG TERM healing. Praying for you right now and if there is any consolation, I do pray for you often and should have let you know that! So sorry you are starting to feel isolated. We will have to see each other next time I come to the Dothan area. Love you and lifting you up right now!