Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So it's been awhile. I have nothing profound. Just to share....

Ever since the stroke, I have had mild headaches. They have progressively gotten worse. I have recently had a CT of my head land they are thought to be tension headaches. They could also just be a result of the stroke. 

Tension. What is there to be stressed about? Haha.  I think they are made worse (caused?) by the way I have to hold my head/neck to read or look at my phone (there are muscles that are connected down through the shoulder) coupled with the increased tone and constant tremors. Nothing over the counter helps. Boo  

Every time I have a headache (which in the past couple months has been nearly constant) I think I am having another stroke (which is more likely due to the cavernous malformation). Talk about tension/stress. I have spent a LOT of time in prayer.

Join me in prayer that the cause of these headaches is found/confirmed and a treatment/solution is found!!

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