Sunday, January 4, 2015


Here is a sampling of what the wheelchair (or really my driving) has done to our house...

It's just a house, it's just a house..

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  1. I have spent tonight catching up with you and all that has been going on ~ It has to be so hard to have limited function ~ and door access has to be so frustrating!!
    When I was in school, we had to spend 10 minutes in a wheelchair to try and navigate "life", and we couldn't even get in our school bathroom as it was so inaccessible. No one really designs for people with physical challenges and I know most people (myself included) take our mobility for granted. Sending prayers your way!!
    The photos you have shared are great!! E's costumes are SO cute ~ And especially of Toy Story ~ that is my son Luke's favorite movie of all time ~ you guys nailed it!! :-)