Wednesday, March 18, 2015


I am not a very good conversationalist anymore. Here's why. 2 reasons. 

One: I'm harder to understand (some people have no problem now, others I have to three-peat myself) so I don't pipe up in group conversations much. It takes me a while to get everything I want to say out when I do talk. Then, I babble, always have, and I get way harder to understand. I don't contribute to group discussions often. (Which I hate because God has given me a unique story with plenty to share.)

Two: When someone is pushing me and I see someone I know, it's hard to know if they're stopping, how long they're stopping...or if I'm having a conversation with someone, I might think the pusher is ready to leave, so I say, "bye", and we don't leave. Church is the worst place for Scenario two. Lots of awkward smiles. 

It's just really frustrating because pre-stroke Lisa was very social, talkative and a good comunicator. Now there are lots of awkward conversations and smiles. So, if you and I have an awkward conversation, please know I am not rude and there is a good communicator deep down in here. 

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