Tuesday, February 16, 2016

My Poor Body

Sometimes...sometimes I let Satan get to me. Yesterday was one of those times. I am beyond frustrated at my meds. I have to take Percoset for the headaches (this dulls the pain and makes it easier to deal with, does not get rid of the pain), the Percoset makes me not sleep, so I have to take something for that, and sometimes that does not help. It's MISERABLE not to sleep. I take many medications for allergies and asthma. I take something for acid reflex. I've started to get menstrual migraines but because of my history of stroke, everything they would normally prescribe, I can't take. The only thing I can take is large doses of ibuprofen for several days. Which occasionally causes asthma problems and I have to take additional medication. My poor body. 

I want to throw myself a little pity party but then I remember that the Lord allowed me to have this body for a reason. All I can do is take as good of care of it that I can, pray and leave the rest up to The Great Physician.  

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  1. Your faithfulness is such an inspiration! Praying for you!