Thursday, May 26, 2016


To say I'm excited is an understatement. All my fun new toys that will make life SO much easier came in. I am very independent, and these toys will help me do things that I right now can't do, or are very difficult. We have....

A cutting board with suction cups so it stays in place. It has a grater and slicer. It has a raised edge so you can butter a slice of bread. It also has an adjustable gripper to hold mixing bowls (I need to buy a set with flat bottoms that will work).  

(the things you don't think of when you have 2 working hands. But I can't hold things in place, hold things to pour, etc.)

The pour thing holds a 2 gallon jug so that you can pour with one hand. 

There is an adjustable metal thing that holds your pots and pans while on the stove. 

A gripper to help grip. :)

A mixing bowl in a grippy stand to hold the mixing bowl in place, as well as it snaps in another position to allow you to pour batter one-handed. 

A jar opener that mounts under the counter, allowing you to open jars one-handed. 

A grabber to pull out the oven grate. 

A roll of grippy stuff (like my technical terminology?) to be cut in smaller pieces and used for a variety of uses. 

A rolling hot plate to move hot things. 

And an electric can opener that you can use with one hand. 

While these "toys" won't make things easy in the kitchen by any means, they will significantly help (hopefully, I haven't tried them out yet). I am so excited to get back more independence!!

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