Sunday, November 1, 2009


Our neighborhood was overrun with trick-or-treaters yesterday!!  The houses in our neighborhood and fairly close together, there are sidewalks on both sides of the streets, it is well lit – the conditions are perfect for trick-or-treating!  :)  Because of this, people in our neighborhood just sit out on our porches and hand out candy all night.  There was even a police barricade this year that stopped every car coming into the neighborhood.  All guests had to park in a parking lot right outside of the neighborhood and walk in.  It was absolutely crazy but so much fun!  Here are a couple of pictures…


Us with our very last minute costumes…Barry was a doctor and I was the patient.  We got asked a million times “Are you really a doctor?” “Do you have a boo-boo?”  “Are you hurt?”  “Are you playing doctor?”  So apparently it was not clear that they were COSTUMES.  Oh well, we had fun.  :)

IMG_0188 A view of our driveway and the million trick-or-treaters overtaking it! 

Done for another year!  Now on to thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas!!  How crazy is that!?!


  1. Holy cow that is a TON of treaters!!!! We had a total of like five over three seperate groups. WOW! Costume looks great though! :-)

  2. WOW- your driveway looks packed!! We had about 40 which is more than last year, so it was really fun. My favorite kiddo costume was was SO cute!

  3. OK, I can believe the costumes look very real; however, what type of injury do you have...head, arm?????

    Anyway, I'm glad it was a fun night. I really miss my two children on October 31 (not just on that day!) because it was always fun to have them pass out the candy!

  4. Ok so its been like a month since I've had a chance to check your blogg!! Im a terrible friend. But let me just tell you, we wished all holloween we were at your house. Haha after just a handfull of tricker treaters charles was like "we are never doing this again, next year we are going back to dothan!" :)