Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Not much to say…

I don’t really have anything exciting to share…just thought I would say hi.  :)  We went to the beach this Saturday (SOOO nice living 2 hours from a great beach!).  It was so relaxing.  The weather was PERFECT – low to mid 70’s and sunny.  Ahhh, so nice.  It was the first time in our swimsuits (I had to buy a new one) since our humongo weight loss!  That was happy.  :)  Go Sugar Busters!


After our relaxing Saturday and great Easter Sunday we jumped right back into the real world this week.  Barry is in the middle of an outage now at work which means he is working 6 days a week, 12+ hour days for the next month or so.  Boo.  Luckily he is on days though because in the past he has had to work nights and we NEVER saw each other!  But I just scheduled a massage for this Friday so that makes everything better.  :)  Does that make me an awful wife that I am getting a massage while my poor husband works such long hours??

My GPS class is going great!  I really have a great group and the classes go by so much faster than I thought they would.  I feel like there is so much information to cover and we are only scratching the surface getting that material covered.  That stresses me out a little bit, but all we can do is share what we can in that 3 hour time period and pray for the best!  I can’t believe we are a 1/3 of the way finished with the class now.  Only 6 more meetings to go!  Last night we covered the material on Grief and Loss.  We talk a lot about infertility and luckily I am in a good place right now, otherwise that class would have been SO hard to teach!  I had my parent co-leader cover the material that I thought might be emotional, or hard to talk about for me, and had prayed that if the Lord wanted me to that He would open a door for me to share about our infertility struggles.  I did mention it at the end of class, so I am praying now that the Lord will use that in some way.  I know there are a couple of families in there that do not attend church and I would LOVE to be able to talk to them about our infertility struggles and how the Lord has gotten me through it so far.  So, pray that doors will be opened!

And that’s all for now…I have to do all of my follow up from the class.  It pretty much takes me all of Tuesday to wrap things up from the previous nights class.  So that is what I have on my agenda today - wrap up Meeting 3!  Have a great Tuesday!


  1. I'm so jealous that y'all are only 2 hours from the beach!! I really, really want to get my feet in the sand soon. Yay for a new bathing suit... that is always fun and a smaller size makes it even more exciting! I'm proud of you for doing so well with the class and for being able to mention your struggles. You never know how God might use you!

  2. Wow...You look great! I can't wait to see you... You look skinnier & skinnier by the day. :) Love you!

  3. You both look so happy and relaxed, yay for beach time! I'm so glad the GPS class is going well. Enjoy your massage!

  4. SO JEALOUS!! Good luck with your class! It sounds great!

  5. Did you go to the beach in Destin? If so, I have to say I am a little jealous - I miss it so much there. I think they are some of the most beautiful beaches in the U.S.

    I am so glad your class is going well and I pray God opens doors for you to be able to minister to those in the class. I really admire your strength to be able to do this after what you have just been through. It truly shows how God is working through you to enable you to do this.

    And I don't think you should feel guilty about your massage - it is good to treat yourself!

  6. Praying for open doors! So glad the class is going well. God has obviously worked in some pretty cool ways for you to feel the way you do about it. That's really neat. Congrats on your weight loss!