Thursday, April 15, 2010

Psychological Component of Infertility

A couple of weeks ago when my brother was in town for spring break he made this post possible!  He’s a computer whiz and figured out how I could get this article scanned in to my computer and uploaded online to share!  Go David!  Anywho, this is the article that my OBGYN gave me that was extremely helpful for both Barry and I as it normalized all of the emotions and feelings we have experienced through infertility.  It is actually written for physicians to help them understand what their infertility patients are experiencing.  Because of that you really can start reading on the second page “The Psychological Component” through the end of the article.  I really encourage each and every one of you to click on the link and read it.  Whether you yourself are experiencing infertility or someone you love (me :) ) is…please read it.  It does an amazing job explaining the losses and feelings associated with infertility.  It normalizes those feelings for those of us experiencing them and it helps those who haven’t understand how those of us who have are feeling.  (That was an entirely confusing way of saying what I was trying to say…)  If you love me you will read it… :)  j/k…kinda… (Sorry about all of my underlinings and circling and such in the article…I hadn’t originally read the article intending to share it.)

GO HERE…The Psychological Component of Infertility


  1. Thank you for sharing that article with us Lisa. There is so much that I recognise in our own lives. So many things that we went through and are still trying to cope with. It helps to see it from another perspective.

  2. Thank you for sharing this article. It describes so well the heartache of infertility.

  3. Rachel from The Pughs posted your link to my posting this weekend when I was questioning why I felt all kinds of ways and that I hated feeling what I was feeling, particularly when it came to seeing a friend's baby and how I wasn't excited about it.

    Thank you SO much for posting this article. I read it early Sunday morning and just cried and cried. It helped me get to the depth of my pain and it also helped validate EVERYTHING I've been feeling.

    Thank you again!!

  4. Ok so it took me a few days (actually a week) to read the article but it truely opened my eyes and made me see things differently. I know you wondered what in the world I was reading so intently the other day and yes it was this article and my effort to fully understand the entire thing was so I will be more sensitive to your needs. It truely helped me and will continue to provide guidance when talking with other experiencing infertility. Thanks Lisa!

  5. Thanks for sharing that article, it totally could've been written by me! Ok, not the doctor stuff...;)