Saturday, July 24, 2010

Very Cool God Thing #1

We found out that we were pregnant 13 days after our IUI (IUI #4 was on May 29th and my first blood work was on Friday, June 11th). My beta number was at 29 that day and they like to see the beta numbers be at least 50 at 14 days post ovulation. The nurse told us we were pregnant but the numbers were extremely low putting me at an increased risk for miscarriage. It could be because we tested a day early, or it could mean that something is not right. When I got off the phone I didn't know how to I happy? am I scared? Do I let myself get excited or do I stay guarded? They wanted to repeat the levels on Monday, so that was the longest weekend of our entire lives. I got several of you to pray pray pray over that weekend (I can't put into words how much I appreciate those prayers and each of you.) Also, over the weekend, I took an at home pregnancy test every day to see if the test line continued to darken (indicating that the HcG level was increasing)...and it got darker every day!

On Monday they wanted to see the levels be at least 87 (they are supposed to double every other day) and my levels were 132! I went in for more blood work the following Friday and they wanted to see the levels be at least 523 and mine were 939! Yay for increasing beta (HcG levels!!!)

After our second beta level (June 14th) we decided to tell our immediate family about the positive test. We were still so nervous because it was so early and the devil was trying to steal my joy and make me as anxious as possible. Of course all of our family was soooo excited for us. When we told Barry's mom she told us this little story (AKA Very Cool God Thing #1)...back in February she was reading my blog and was just so upset about everything that we were going through. She was crying out to the Lord that He would bless us with a child. All of a sudden, she said, a peace came over her and she heard a voice that said "You will know in June". She felt so certain that it was the Lord speaking to her that she went to her calendar, flipped to June and drew a smiley face on the top of the calendar. She never told anyone until we told her in June that we were pregnant!!

I strongly believe that that little promise was straight from the Lord for me to assure me that things were going to be OK. How cool is God!?!? Stay tuned for Very Cool God Thing #2...


  1. That is awesome! What a wonderful God we serve!

  2. Love the Cool God thing #1. What comfort that must have been to Barry's mom. Your levels are out of this world. SO happy they continue to increase. Does this mean there is more than one little Williams in there?? I know how much you love multiples and would love a multiple blessing. Prayers continue. :-)

  3. Even though I knew this story before I read it I still felt the power of God overwhelm me. This blessing is so evident and the work of God in you and your family's lives is so great. I hope that one day I can be as faithful as you!

  4. Lisa, I read your incredible news over on Courtney's blog. YAY!!!! I am sure that your heart feels overwhelmed with joy right now. Please keep blogging about your pregnancy. Courtney is right, it does serve as inspiration for us "infertiles". It is wonderful to read about what we have to look forward to {positive thinking}. xo, Megan

  5. Wow! How awesome! Brought tears to my eyes!