Friday, August 6, 2010

Very Cool God Thing #2

Alrighty...on to my next story. The day we told our family that we were pregnant was the day Barry's mom had a colonoscopy and was told they found a tumor that looked malignant. It was hard sharing our news with her after she shared that with us, but I believe that she needed that happy news to encourage her in the face of her not so happy news! In the course of more procedures and tests to figure out what all was going on, they also found suspicious spots on her lungs, however the biopsy came back negative...the tumor and spots on her lungs were supposedly benign. The Dr. decided to go ahead and remove the spots on her lungs as a precaution and that surgery was scheduled. As soon as the Dr. removed those spots he knew right away that they were malignant. Because of that, a surgery that was supposed to be laparoscopic, turned into a surgery with a pretty huge incision (big enough that the Dr. could stick his whole hand between her ribs and feel around her lungs looking for more spots!!) and a stay in the ICU. The biopsy this time showed that the spots on her lung were malignant, probably metastasized from the tumor in the they want to remove the tumor now as soon as possible. She will be having a port put in next week and will start chemo soon thereafter to shrink the tumor before they can take it out.

ALL that to say...when I was talking to her in the ICU the night after her surgery she told me that the ONE thing keeping her going, keeping her from becoming depressed, was knowing that this baby is on the way. AKA Very Cool God Thing #2 - God KNEW she would need this baby to get her through the coming months, and He orchestrated it all so that she would have this encouragement! Just another reason why we had to wait for over 2 years for this little miracle!


  1. Wow Lisa! You and Barry have been going through so much. Thanks to God for this miracle helping his mom through a very difficult time. We continue to pray for you and will begin praying for Barry's mom as well.

  2. Wow. I am always amazed when God gives us these glimpses of His "Bigger Picture".

  3. I'm so sorry about you MIL's illness! I'll be praying for full recovery for her. My MIL and her sister both had colon cancer, but it didn't spread to their other organs, and they are today both cancer free and fully recovered!

    I came across this teaching on healing the other day by John G Lake ministries called the divine healing technician the link is: and it is for free, you must just download it! Please any one of you listen to it - prefereably your MIL, it is really an eye opener and it explains that we don't have to settle for any illnesses, diseases, pain etc in our lives or our loved one's lives!

  4. I'm so sorry to hear about Barry's
    mom's health issues. But it really is neat to
    see God's timing in it all. And how cool that
    God even gave her a little foreknowledge of your
    pregnancy knowing full well that the timing would
    include the news falling on a difficult day for her. Love
    to hear how God is at work all over the earth.

  5. Sorry to hear about your Mother in Laws health issues....but what a Miracle that your Miracle is keeping her strong and keeping her going:) I hope that she recovers fast and that you will continue to feel well during your pregnancy:)