Saturday, August 21, 2010


I have been home for only a handful of days in the past month.  Life has been crazy around here…between work trips, a friends wedding, vacation to Alaska, trips to see family…my house is starting to look quite dirty.  I would love someone to come and clean it for me…any takers?  No?  :) 

Earlier this month we were in Alaska for almost two full weeks and we had so much fun!  It had been two years since being up there so we were long overdue for a trip back home!  We didn’t do too much this trip because I wasn’t quite feeling up for it (apparently I get car sick now…so we couldn’t really do much traveling), but it was still so much fun!  Here are a few highlights…

P7310002We went to an air show and saw the Canadian Snow Birds, Blue Angels, and a bunch of other planes and helicopters…DSC02955 We went golfing…well, my dad and Barry went golfing, my mom and I went along for moral support.  :)DSC02888 Barry and my dad caught some fish and we brought home almost 40 pounds of halibut and salmon…P8030060 We saw some large animals…DSC03005DSC03010We got friendly with Smokey the Bear…  P8050071We celebrated my dad’s birthday…P7290071  We saw some pretty things…P8050075DSC02964And then we came home…DSC02866   

That was it in a nutshell!  Also included was a TON of good food, lots of sleeping, spending time with family, spending time with a great friend who has been on bed rest with her second child for going on 19 weeks!, going through all of my brother and I’s old baby clothes, seeing old friends from church, some more sleeping and eating…it was so fun!  I love Alaska and I love my family!


  1. Looks like you've had a great time! I hope to one day visit many places.. one being Alaska.

    Oh and, I would love to clean your house... but I would need to live closer by to do that. :)

  2. You are a fellow Alaskan?! I grew up in Fbks! We were just up there two months ago, but your pics make me homesick once more. There is nothing like AK in the summer. I'm pretty sure some of my family members were at that exact same air show. And can I say just how jealous I am that you came home with fish?

  3. Okay, your Mom looks like she could be your sister. For real, I thought that she was at first because I looked at pictures before I read....I know, how second grade is that. So glad ya'll had a great trip. You look great, btw!