Monday, November 1, 2010

Recent Travels and More…

It’s been awhile since I have uploaded pictures on here, but we have been on many a trips and just had a bunch of stuff going on the past month that I need to document!  :)

DSC03215First off was a trip to Birmingham to visit my mom and dad who were in town for a couple of weeks and then on to see my brother, David, and his girlfriend, Emily, in Starkville, MS. Go Bulldogs!  (Only when they aren’t playing Alabama…)

IMG_0334 While we were in Starkville we had to stop at Bop’s - THE BEST CUSTARD IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!!

DSC03219Me and my mommy on another trip to Greenville, South Carolina.  I LOVE that city!

DSC03248 Asheville, NC at the Biltmore…it was BEAUTIFUL!  It is the biggest house in the US and is over 170,000 square feet with 250 rooms!

DSC03228 My cute parents

DSC03249A view from one of the balconies at the Biltmore

DSC03262Later in October, I drove down to Florida to meet up with Becky from Day by Day!  She was one of the first bloggers I ever followed and the first blogger I have gotten to meet!  She was in the south for a week and we were able to meet up and have lunch one day…we could have talked for hours!!!  It was GREAT getting to meet her!!

DSC03266 Here we are at the Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month, “Walk to Remember”.

IMG_0345I am SO blessed to have great co-workers that I enjoy being around!!  Every year we have a staff retreat, normally at the beach, this year it was at Lay Lake.  We rented a BEAUTIFUL house and all 18 of us got to hang out for three days.  We got a lot of work done, but were also able to go on a boat ride, play tons of games, grill out…and learn a lot about each other.  :)


DSC03277 Then of course there was Halloween!  Halloween is HUGE in our neighborhood.  Last year we counted around 400 trick-or-treaters (we bought a lap counter for that purpose) and this year we probably had about the same.  We had a fun time with friends and the rest of Dothan!  :)

DSC03280 Here is Barry in his costume…can you guess what he is??  He and one of our friends dressed up as Nuclear Cleanup Workers…the kids did NOT get it, although they were told several times that they had awesome costumes.  Silly boys…


I think that is all for now!  I am all caught up with my picture posting on this here blog.  :) 

We have our hematologist and RE appointments on Wednesday in Mobile and I am really looking forward to meeting with both doctors and figuring out where they recommend that we go from here.  Please be praying for us that we will know where GOD wants us to go from here.


  1. fun stuff! some of those places look so beautiful! I would love to see that huge house someday..very cool!

  2. Looks like a full life! I've never been further east than Michigan, and definitely not south!!! I will have to make it my goal someday to see your side of the country! I will be praying for your appointments on Wednesday!

  3. I love that you got to meet Lisa! I'm ready to meet some bloggers. Britt and I are fast friends now, who would've thought in this small town I'd find a great BLM friend, and we're so much alike her husband calls us the 'sisters'! That's awesome! I want to see the Biltmore too! Looks so fun!

  4. So happy you got to spend some time with your parents! I LOVE the pictures and Barry's outfit looks great! I will be praying for you and for safe travels to your appointments.

  5. We thought the Biltmore was amazing! We went last Christmas and had a blast!
    That is sooo awesome that you guys get 400+ trick or treaters- what fun!! That is a record!!
    I will be praying for you guys that this Wednesday goes well and that the next steps fall into place beautifully! Drive carefully!

  6. So glad you enjoyed some time away. I recognized Reedy River in Greenville...I've always said that is one of my favorite cities. We went to school in G'ville and lived there for a few years and i love that downtown area. Still praying for you guys!

  7. I am so glad that you are doing fun things during this time, it is encouraging to see. Praying for you. I feel your pain with the waiting and am following your blog because you are a follower of God and can relate to our loss. http:/

  8. looks like you've been having fun! definitely praying for wisdom and peace for you and barry...