Thursday, July 5, 2012

Court Documents Finished!

We just mailed our last piece of court documentation to our agency!! Yippee!!!!! It is such a great feeling!!

We had our medicals today which was the last thing we needed. And somehow, thank you God!, we had everything we needed – copies of our chest x-ray results, our x-ray images on CD and a hard copy, copies of our blood work, copies of our urinalysis, copies of our TB test results, copies of the physicians' medical license, letters from the doctor’s office saying that he is licensed to practice there, copies of the actual medical form, AND a separate medical form needed for our home study update. Man, that was a lot of stuff. I mailed it off…(side note, just for kicks I added up how much we have spent thus far on postage for this adoption…$305.91. I wish FedEx gave frequent customer discounts…)

IMG_1219And wanted to do a happy dance or something. :) Now our agency will finish their work getting everything apostilled/authenticated and then it will all be ready for Russia!!

To keep ourselves busy we are trying to finish up Elijah’s room, baby-proofing the house (we instantly will have a child that can get into everything!), etc. It’s been so fun working on it all! Our recent project is this…IMG_1220 Granted you can’t tell what it is but it’s Barry’s creation that is going to look awesome in there. I’m quite excited about it. Hope everyone has a good weekend!


  1. Good news!!! So happy this part is done! :)

  2. YAY! Can't wait to see Barry's creation!