Monday, July 2, 2012

Camp APAC, A Baby Shower and More!

Sorry for my absence! :) I was here…7407579686_ca10a17d6c_ofor a week. Camp APAC 2012! My 6th Camp APAC (a camp for adopted children ages 9-18 in Alabama that Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections, the program that I work for, hosts each year)! I did a little of this…7411247762_44e7ed281b_o Some of this…


Dressed completely inappropriately for the woods for our formal night.

7412065142_c1b0fd381e_o And enjoyed watching kids have so much fun!

THEN, I came back for this…

Edit Elijah’s first baby shower! My friends did such a great job decorating with the Noah’s Ark theme! They had tons of pictures of our little boy and little bits of Russia thrown in. I have a ton more pictures of the decorations that I can’t post since I can’t post his pictures yet :( It was really special!

DSC_0333DSC_0335DSC_0337This cute little banner has word such as God, Mother, Father, Blessed, etc. in English and then in Russian!DSC_0342Elijah's Baby Shower Dothan 022Alphabet beanbags made by my friend Brittani!DSC_0365 A Russian Bible from my parents!

At one point someone at the shower said, “Lisa! You are having your baby shower!!” It was pretty surreal. We received so many wonderful gifts and had a fun time taking everything out of it’s packaging, finding homes for it all, washing his dishes and clothes. Love it!

In the meantime, Barry passed his huge NRC (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) exam – the goal he has been working towards at work for the past 2 years. Thousands and thousands of hours of studying have been dedicated to it. And he passed!!! It was a very very very exciting day in our household. I have my husband back!

AND to top it all off we received our FBI clearances today!! This was the big hold up on our court paperwork! I am taking it to FedEx this afternoon and it will be delivered to our agency in the morning. I was seriously debating driving it 3.5 hours so that they would get it today but then I talked some sense into myself. We went last week to have blood work and chest x-rays and will go Thursday for our doctor’s appointment. That should be the last piece that we need for our court documents. We have had to put our medicals off until the last minute because they are only good for 90 days and they have to be current for court in Russia. We are so ready to get all of our paperwork to Russia so that we can get our court date!!


  1. Yippe!! Congrats to you and Barry!!

  2. What a precious shower! I bet you are dying to share his pictures?!?

  3. Lisa! It was so wonderful to read so much good news and joy!! Thanks for sharing - and so many congratulations!

  4. Wow- this is so exciting! So happy for you! Your shower decor looks incredible and you are just beaming like a mommy to be should!