Sunday, July 22, 2012

More info on Elijah, and more waiting…

Barry here…Elijah had some doctors appointments back in June that we had been waiting to hear back from, and we finally got an update from all of that last week with great results.  He is doing well, and we heard that he is walking now and talking (a lot).  Apparently he is saying “Papa” now too!  I’m not sure in what context he is saying that; I’m hoping they are showing him the soft book we made for him with our pictures in it, and teaching him who we are.  It’s exciting to know that he is doing so well, but it is also really hard to know that he is growing up, and hitting all these milestones without us being able to see each new thing that he does.  There is not 10 minutes that goes by that I (and I’m sure Lisa too) don’t think about Elijah and wish that we could be back there with him, and know what day we will be able to have him home with us.

We also got a few new pictures of him, which as you know, we still can’t share publicly yet, but it was again exciting to see him and hard to see how much older he looks in just the two months it has been since we saw him last.

Now after getting to see updated pictures and hear how he is doing, it makes us just want to get there to see him even sooner, but we have to wait.  We did hear that all of our paperwork was officially on its way to Russia as of the end of last week, so it should be there by the middle of this week!  We are just praying now that once they get it, that it won’t take long at all before they give us a date for court.  It still could be a long time, there really is no guarantee of how soon or far away that call will come, but we are praying and believing that it will be soon.


  1. Barry, thanks for the wonderful news! To hear Elijah is walking and talking sounds like he is continuing to progress as a happy, healthy child. That knowledge itself is irrelevant when you want to hold him, watch him laugh, and tuck him into his little bed at night. I feel that way, too. It will make all our hearts whole again when he comes home. I love you, Lisa, and Elijah so much. Mom

  2. So glad you got an update! Every time I read your blog I think to myself that I cannot imagine how hard it would be to wait now that you have seen and held your child. It must be almost unbearable. But, time is passing by and hopefully it won't be long until he is in your arms forever!!!

  3. What great news! Your baby! He will be home with you and it will be so great! Can't wait to meet him!