Wednesday, June 17, 2015

A Crazy Obvious Answer to Prayer

Some background. Elijah rocks sometimes to go to sleep. (Many kids from orphanages do.) Barry carries a sleeping Elijah and puts him in bed with me when he leaves for work (early) in the morning. (Being in a wheelchair, I am worried that if anything were to happen, I wouldn't be able to get there soon enough.)

The other morning, Elijah had woken up a little and had been rocking awhile. I prayed that the Lord would stop the rocking so that he could get some restful sleep. No sooner had the prayer left my lips (well, my head - it was silent) that he stopped MID-ROCK and went to sleep. Not to rock again that morning. 

It is SO cool that the Creator of the world, the solar system, the universe (check out the video , knows how many hairs are on my head and cares enough to answer my little prayer. (I'm not saying he doesn't care when He doesn't appear to answer them. He hears believers' prayers.) So cool. 

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  1. It truly is amazing. He loves our babies even more than we do. Elijah is so precious. I'm thankful God granted that particular prayer.