Thursday, December 31, 2015

Getting manicures

My sister-in-law (who lives in Denver, but was down for Christmas) and I went to get manicures. I was nervous because it was my first manicure since the stroke, really since my wedding.  :) And it lived up to my fears. 

First, Gimpy (my right hand) wouldn't stay open (it clenches and has little control). He tried several things and then had someone hold it. Then, he asked what happened, which I am fine with, but then ANOTHER lady came over and the three of them proceeded to talk about me/the stroke, I know because "stroke" is the same in English as it is in whatever Asian language they were speaking. To their credit, he could have been explaining "stroke" still made me feel weird. THEN, since Gimpy wouldn't stay open, every time they would think she was dry, the paint would get messed up. We finally got to the car only to get 2 more nails messed up. Sigh. Barry and I tried to find matching polish but it ended up looking like this....

Bad picture, sorry. Oh well. I apparently don't get manicures that often anyway. 

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  1. I wonder if the salon (or a friend) would apply Jamberry nail wraps for you?? There's no dry time and they look just as great as a professional manicure! Plus, they last up to 2 weeks! Let me know if you'd like to try it. I'd love to send you some!