Friday, December 4, 2009

The Bahamas

I am finally getting around to blogging about our Thanksgiving!  For the past 3 years Barry and I have not gone to Birmingham to visit with family on Thanksgiving, we have done our own thing.  One year we went to the beach, the next we went to Disney World and this year…a cruise to the Bahamas!  Well, the Bahamas was not our original destination, but that is where we went!  Don’t get me wrong, at all, we LOVE our family, and we see them other times in the year.  But Thanksgiving has become our little tradition of vacationing somewhere.

The cruise was SUPPOSED to take us to Jamaica and the Grand Cayman Islands, but about 12 hours before the cruise left we got a recorded message saying that the propulsion system was messed up on our boat and they were changing our ports of call!!  WHAT!?!  I understand that boats have problems…but changing destinations on us and compensating us with $50?!?!  Not exactly the compensation I am looking for.  And Carnival has been less than helpful at compensating us with anything additional to that $50.  So, even though the cruise itself was amazing, we had friendly staff and no other problems, I would not recommend Carnival!  We were less than thrilled about this little change here, but we tried to keep telling ourselves, it is still vacation, it is still vacation.  We ended up going to Half Moon Cay (a private island owned by Carnival) and Nassau. 

We left out of Miami and got to spend some time with some good friends of ours!  Here we are at a yummy Cuban restaurant.


DSC02112 On the boat in Miami, ready to sail!

On Half Moon Cay we went parasailing and snorkeling.  The parasailing was fun – very relaxing, not the adrenaline rush that one might think it is.  I had done it before, but never in the Bahamas!  The snorkeling was awful…I thought I was going to die.  Long story that I won’t bore you with, but I will N-E-V-E-R go snorkeling in the middle of the ocean again.


In Nassau we went to Atlantis!  That was fun!  We see the commercials all of the time and have talked about going on a future vacation, we just didn’t realize it would be THIS vacation.  :)  It is awesome though.  A great resort with a water park (there is one water slide that you are in an enclosed clear tube and you go through a shark pool!) , a million swimming pools, aquariums with sharks, dolphins, sting rays, etc all over the park…we will definitely go back one day for an entire Atlantis vacation. 


My favorite part of the cruise, OK maybe not my favorite but one of them, was the towel animals on our bed each night.  This was the best part for me on our honeymoon too!  OK, not the best part…after all it was my honeymoon. :)


He was my favorite…Roll Tide…we even took a “How to make towel animals class” AND bought the book.  So if any of you ever come stay at our house you will be greeted by this little guy!  :)

There are a million more pics I could post, but that is all you will get.  :)  It was a great vacation though, very relaxing.  So nice to turn off our phones, not mess with email, facebook or work.  Just to spend stress free time together!  It was a breath of fresh air and a great change of pace from the stressors of TTC!  Ahhhh…

DSC02330 This is sad us after we got back to Miami and the cruise was over…


  1. I LOVE the idea of the vacation over the holidays!!! :-) Maybe I'll convince DH of this... Yeah, right! The photos make me want a vacation NOW!! Glad yall enjoyed yourself regardless of the destination spot. :-)

  2. What great pictures! I think it's great that you have developed your own traditions!! It looks like you had a great time!

  3. I'm glad you added the part about loving your family!

  4. It really was a fun vacation despite the last minute itenerary change. I like the picture selection, although there are so many more good ones too. I love you!

  5. I can't wait to have a towel animal made for me...what about a penguin?