Thursday, December 31, 2009

Here comes the Clomid

Looks like we will be on Clomid this cycle. Apparently the Sugar Busters diet is not a magical “cure” after all seeing as though this is CD1 (Cycle Day 1). :) Even though I of course did not want to see CD1, it is actually a really good day for it to happen. 1) The office will be closed tomorrow through the weekend and I need to talk to the nurse so she can call in the prescription, 2) We still have some flexible spending money left from this year so I will be able to pay for the Clomid out of this years flexible spending. So, even though I didn’t want to be here, the Lord is still orchestrating it all!! I called my nurse first thing this morning and still have not heard back. I called AGAIN a few minutes ago and the receptionist said the nurse has been busy all morning and should be doing call backs soon. Makes me nervous though because the office closes at 11:30 today. How quickly I forget…what did I just type… “The Lord is orchestrating it all”…so I guess I need not be nervous that she won’t call me back today. THE LORD IS IN CONTROL. Man, that’s a heard lesson to learn.

WOW…Hello, Lord. AS I was typing that above sentence my phone rang with my nurse on the line!! How crazy is that?? The Lord amazes me all of the time. Reassuring me that He has not left me and is still behind all of this. The nurse is calling in my Clomid prescription as we speak and I will start it on Saturday with an ultrasound scheduled for the 11th in Dothan to monitor progress. At that point we will be able to decide what should happen next – when we should do the trigger shot, etc.

So, all of you Clomid experts, what should I be expecting? Any weird side effects I should know about?

I also made an appointment for Barry to get another semen analysis this coming Monday in Mobile. We should have those results by the time I have my ultrasound on the 11th so we will know what route to take.

Yea for the next (and hopefully last) phase of this journey!


  1. I have been lucky with very little (if any) side effects. I have always taken it right before I hit the pillow. Praying God will use this to bring your first little one!

  2. That's so awesome that the nurse called right then! :-) Makes me giggle...

    Clomid. I will pray that it is side effect less {unfortunately, I only could take it two days before I stopped it due to the extreme side effects} for you!

    I would highly encourage you to use whatever flexible spending money you have left to stock up on OPKs, HPTs, Mucinex {great for thinning your mucus}, and whatever else you can get your hands on! :-) The clomid too. haha!

    Hoping and praying this is your 2010 miracle coming to be!!!

  3. Hey, I've posted a few things on my blog that I think you might like to read. Good luck on the Clomid. I only took 50mg this month, and it didn't do it's job, so I'm hoping January will go quickly so I can give it another shot in Feb.

  4. Good luck with what's to come with the Clomid and your upcoming appointments. You and Barry are in my heart. Love you guys!!

  5. My good friend has had difficult side effects with Clomid. I never took it but I pray you will do just fine with it and have the wisdom to stop it if the side effects are too difficult.

  6. Hi Lisa. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment on my blog!

    I hope that this will be your month and I will be keeping you in my prayers.

    I did a couple rounds of clomid 50mgs and the only side effects that I had was pain in my ovaries.

  7. Good luck with everything! I took Clomid for several months from 25-125 mg. I never had any side effects, but it also never worked for me either. I'm hoping you have an easier time though.