Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here we go…

Uterine lining and hormones looked good Monday soooo…I started injectables yesterday (CD5)!  Isn’t that exciting?  :)  I am now officially a pincushion.  Here are my new meds…


Our fridge is now stocked with infertility goodness.  Follistim injectables to be used each day to help the follicles mature, Ovidrel injection to be used to induce ovulation whenever the follicles are mature, Crinone Progesterone vaginal suppositories to be used the day after Ovidrel to keep the uterine lining happy. 

Here is the Follistim Pen…

DSC02701 This is what I am using every evening.  You take the top off, insert a vial of medicine and then you just have to change the needle out each time.  On the far right you can see the little “IU” with a window next to it with the number ‘0’.  That is where you dial your dosage each time.  I am doing 50IU this cycle.

And here is the case with some of the needles…


Fun times.  The first injection went great yesterday.  I got the pen all ready to go, and Barry did the injection.  I still just can’t do that.  It wasn’t painful at all - I barely felt the pinch.  Two more days of injections then I will go back in on Friday for another ultrasound and more bloodwork. 

And I will leave you with a picture from our trip to Gulf Breeze, FL Monday for the injections training.  We ate the best lunch in the entire world at a very cute beachy restaurant in Pensacola Beach.  It made the trip totally worth it!  :)



  1. Glad you enjoyed the panhandle! What was the name of the place you ate at? Always looking for new places since I always go to PegLeg Petes! Wishing you all the best this cycle!

  2. We always thought the Follistim pen was very cool and high tech. Gotta love fun gadgets, even if they are used for stabbing.

  3. Good Luck & I'll be praying! (So glad you got to get away, too!)

  4. Awesome! I hope you do well on the stims and get some nice follies! Good luck!

  5. Hello Lisa~
    I just stumbled across your blog tonight, and even though I've only read a little bit the words you've used mirror the words in my heart. I know I am a complete stranger to you, but I too am walking that same road of infertility. This is a journey I didn't want to be on. Truthfully, I am scared to death--not because I don't trust that the Father above has my best interests at heart but because I have to learn to relinquish control. I am seeking peace in the midst of this storm and am trying to embrace the realities of a journey He has chosen for so many others.

    Anyway, I just wanted to wish you the best with this next cycle. I will certainly keep you and your husband in my prayers.

    God Bless,

  6. It's getting mor and more complicated isn't it? But the injectables just work so much better than clomid so I think it's worth trying. I hope this cycle will be your BFP cycle!

  7. Praying this cycle goes well and you only have to be a pincushion once!!

  8. I too am praying that this will be the one!

  9. Praying for you! Sad I didn't get to talk to you Tuesday when you were over here. Maybe next time.