Monday, May 3, 2010

This cycle is going to be the death of me

I went back in for my day 14 ultrasound on Friday morning (8am) to see how the follicles were doing and to see when we should trigger, IUI, etc.  The lady that did the ultrasound was not the one that normally does it, I love the normal lady.  But this lady I have only had one other time, the time she told me I didn’t have any cysts when I actually had a huge cyst that they put me on birth control for.  So I was not thrilled in the least that she was the one doing the ultrasound.  I saw one follicle on my left ovary measure at 19mm and another measure at 14mm.  The right ovary had several little guys and I think 2 other good size ones, but I didn’t get the measurements. 

I get a call from the RE’s office (at 3:30pm...does it REALLY take that long to look at my results???) and they said it looks like I have already ovulated because there weren’t any mature follicles.  They wanted me to come in and get a progesterone check on day 22 to see if I had ovulated or if the 100mg Clomid is not doing the trick.  Sooo I say to the nurse, I SAW with my very own eyes 2 large follicles AND I SAW the measurements.  And she says, well that’s not how the ultrasound tech wrote up the sheet.  And I said, well that’s what I saw.  And she said, OK I will call the OBGYN’s office to see if we can figure out what is going on.  :) My OBGYN’s office closes early on Friday so I just knew no one would be there and we were going to have to cancel this cycle.  Not so excited…so I started to blog…then I tell myself that the first thing I should do is not blog but to turn my anxieties/anger over to the Lord.  So I stop blogging and begin praying and no more than 5 seconds later I hear back from the RE (God is so cool, isn’t He??) that I have 4 MATURE FOLLICLES!!  A 19, 18, 15 and 14!!  The ultrasound tech had just written up the form wrong.  I mean seriously…if only everyone would do their job my life would be so much easier!!  :) 

With everything that has happened with this cycle I have decided that there must be some great results on the other end of it.  It had to have been the devil trying to get this cycle canceled and get me discouraged – the cycle almost got cancelled like 4 times!  Everything from nurses telling me the wrong things to too thick endometrial lining to not being able to get the medication to miscommunication between the doctors offices….but he did not succeed!  I persevered!!  :)  IUI #3 was ON!!  More on that to come…

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  1. Oh wow, I can't believe they almost cancelled you with those follies!! (God is definitely so cool!) Can't wait for part 2!!