Monday, June 7, 2010

Beach fun!

And in more non-infertility news…Two weekends ago we had some friends from Nashville in town and we drove down to the beach for the day!  It was Charles’ first time at a Gulf beach and it was Jacob’s first time at the beach ever!  It was so fun seeing his reaction!

Seeing the ocean for his first time!DSC02703

He absolutely LOVED the sand!DSC02713

The Edwards Family!DSC02722

The Williams Family!DSC02725

Digging holes is so fun :)DSC02740

Boys are their video games…DSC02752

I wish you guys lived closer!!!


  1. what a cutie pie!! looks like fun!

  2. Jealous!! I miss y'all...and the warm beach! Love me some Moucka!! I always forget how to spell that...Cute pics!

  3. It looks like yall had a blast! Great picutres and the beach still looks beautiful! So happy baby boy could see the beach and that you and Barry can help make special memories with great friends.