Thursday, June 3, 2010

IUI #4

Did you think I had forgotten how to blog?  :)  Not having a working computer kind of makes blogging (and commenting on blogs) more difficult. 

We had our 4th IUI this past Saturday!  Yay!  We were able to trigger on Thursday night, we drove to Mobile Friday afternoon, and were at the RE’s office bright and early Saturday morning! Man am I glad to be finished with daily injections (hopefully for forever)!DSC02763

IMG_0291Barry’s little guys were very active and he had the highest count EVER out of the 10 or so semen analyses he’s had!  Before the wash the total count was 372.6 million!!  The highest before this was 168 million!  Awesome!  Look at all the little guys!!


The doctor was very happy with everything he saw and the procedure itself was quick and painless as always.  We took pictures AND video taped this time, both the little spermies and the ultrasound screen during the actual procedure.  I will post the spermies but I am not going to post the ultrasound pics.  Dr. Inge was trying to be helpful but went into a ton of detail in the video and I just don’t want to subject anyone to that.  :)  Here is the part you’ve all been waiting for… :)

I’m not so sure what YouTube’s rules are on posting sperm on their site…so watch while you can in case it gets pulled.  :)  The videography is not great, but it was through a microscope, so what can you expect?

We made a whole fun weekend out of the IUI trip though.  We stayed at a nice little hotel in downtown Mobile on the 22nd floor overlooking the bay.  There was a big storm on Saturday night and it was so fun sitting in front of the ceiling to floor windows just watching the lightning.  We are easily entertained.  We got to eat lots of great food in Mobile too…and got to take a nap after the IUI…ahhh!  We stayed there 2 nights and then went to Sandestin to spend some time with some friends.  We grilled out, laid out at the beach, ate more good seafood, walked around Baytowne Wharf (a really cute little village with shops, restaurants, etc.). My camera battery died so the few pictures I have are courtesy of my iPhone…and then I just forgot to take more.  Boo, Lisa, boo.

IMG_0294 IMG_0295DSC02765 These are our friends Jarod and Courtney – the couple that introduced Barry and I to each other!  Awwww…

It turned out to be such a fun and relaxing weekend!!


  1. I just came across your blog via a follower of mine...Your title sparked interest! I am currently doing the process of our 3rd IUI with injections...Your post made me smile and laugh when you brought up your husband's S.A. because I am proud of my husband's count and even high fived him when we found out that he had a whopping 600+ million before wash and a remarkable 260 million post! Anyone else would never know numbers and it doesn't mean anything to them when you brag, hey!? Wish you all the best and hope that #4 is it! I am crossing my fingers that #3 will be lucky number!

  2. Good Luck, 4th is hopefully the lucky number:)

  3. I was wondering if you had had the IUI yet. I'll be praying that those lovely little swimmers do their job. It's good that you guys had a relaxing weekend. Good luck to you!

  4. Mrs. Lisa... as weird as this sounds reading this really made me excited for you! Good luck! I can't wait to see how #4 goes!

  5. Great news! Hoping and praying IUI#4 is successful!

  6. I hope this is the time!! So nice that you guys are able to make a fun weekend out of it! I LOVE Sandestin! And Baytowne Wharf is the best!!! It's such a small spot that most people don't know about it but it's awesome!! Wish I was close enough to make a weekend trip there:)

  7. I just watched the cool!! Praying that this one is the one! Love you!!

  8. Lisa, I am praying, praying, praying that IUI #4 brings you a beautiful baby in 9 months. That video is amazing - things are definitely looking good there!

    I love Sandestin and Baytowne Wharf - so cute and so much fun. I really miss the Gulf Coast (makes me so incredibly sad what is happening with the oil). I am going to be down there in October visiting my hubby who will be there for clinical training. Maybe we could meet up?

  9. Sigh...I've tried to post a comment twice and it isn't working....just trying one more time before I email you...praying this is the cycle!