Thursday, September 23, 2010

Night of Joy 2010

We were in Orlando the weekend before last for Night of Joy and I am so very very glad that we went.  We had bought our tickets to the event several months ago and in light of the recent events we debated not going but decided it would be good to get out of the house.  And it really was exactly what we needed.  It was so nice to have a change of scenery, a reason to get dressed and put on make-up each day, etc.

Night of Joy is a huge Christian music concert that takes place at Magic Kingdom every year.  This years headliners…David Crowder Band, Chris Tomlin, Casting Crowns, Sidewalk Prophets, Tenth Avenue North, Thousand Foot Krutch, Third Day, MercyMe…there were a ton more acts, but those were the bigger name bands.  The concerts were from 7pm-1am on Friday and Saturday, and they even kept the entire park open the whole night!  So you could listen to some music, ride a ride, listen to more music, etc.  They also had a local Christian radio station playing over the speakers throughout the whole park.  It was awesome!

(Except for the two newborns…I mean they seriously could have come straight from the hospital…that camped out right next to us during one of the concerts. That wasn’t my favorite moment of the weekend.  Nor was the fact that every other billboard (almost literally) along a probably 200 mile stretch in Florida said “Are you pregnant” or “Pregnant?  Your baby’s heart is already beating” etc. etc.  I don’t know if there is a high rate of abortion in Florida or what but it really was crazy.  I had noticed it before on previous Orlando or Miami trips but this time it was another constant reminder that I was NOT pregnant.) 

Anyway, back to my story…I went into it thinking it would mostly be a cool concert, but it was such a worshipful experience!  It was really a cool experience to be in a place like that with thousands of other believers worshipping our Lord!  Here are some pictures of our well needed weekend away…

DSC03064 Ahhh…it doesn’t matter how many times I come here I always light up when I walk into the Magic Kingdom.  I am a child at heart.  :)

DSC03071 Riding Big Thunder Mountain Railroad…notice the hair already up in a ponytail within 30 minutes of getting to the park.  It is still in the high 90’s with crazy humidity down here in the silly south.

DSC03079 Waiting for the concerts to start!

DSC03092  Stuck in jail with this scary creature!  The Buzz Lightyear ride is one of our favorites…I think we rode it 3 or 4 times.  :)


The picture everyone gets at Magic Kingdom, in front of Mickey!  Decked out in our Bama gear for day #2!

DSC03109One of the stages was right in front on the castle.  It changed colors throughout the night.  Beautiful in my opinion.  :)  The only thing that makes the Magic Kingdom better is going at Christmas time when there are white lights all over the castle and throughout the park!

DSC03102 My hubby watching the play by play of the Bama game on his phone while we wait in line for a 3-D movie.  :)

DSC03122 In motion picture on Space Mountain…The first time we rode this ride I caught myself laughing and smiling really big on the ride and it felt almost wrong to be smiling and laughing and having fun, but it felt so good at the same time if that makes any sense. 

By the way, they have recently renovated Space Mountain and they now have games you can play while waiting in line!  It was very cool.

DSC03133Day #3 - This was my breakfast at SeaWorld…a yummy chocolate covered ice cream Shamu.  :)  Sugar Busters where are you??

DSC03134 At the dolphin and whale show at Sea World.  Our camera survived this one but almost bit the dust at the Shamu show.  It got soaked…and will never be quite the same again, but at least it recovered enough to still function!


We will definitely be going to Night of Joy again!  Anyone want to come with us next year?!?!


  1. That sounds like an awesome weekend!!! I wish we lived that close to Orlando!! Two of my old college roommates live there so I absolutely LOVE going down there but somehow we barely ever get the chance since it's such a long trip for us. Those concerts sound awesome! I'm so glad you all could just get away and have a fun weekend. You needed and deserved it!

  2. It sounds (and looks!) like you had an amazing time. Jesus has you firmly cradled in the palm of His hand.

  3. That's really cool, I didn't know they had anything like that! Glad you had a good time!

  4. Lisa, you look so beautiful and joyous in those pics...I'm so glad you guys had a great time!!!

  5. Your breakfast looks delicious! Maybe Shamu saw you eating it and that's why he/she splashed your camera...:) Glad it recovered!
    I am so happy that you guys had a great time down in Florida and that it was refreshing and fun. How blessed to be surrounded by all of those bands and fellow believers in such a magical place- I want to go!!
    While we were in Florida last Christmas I noticed the billboards with babies, too. I even took pics of a few- I thought they were quite popular, too. Stay strong, and remember that you deserve to have joyful days- many many MANY joyful days!

  6. I want to go!!! That looks like a blast! Glad you were able to get away for a bit :)

  7. Looks like you had a ton of fun...I love all your facial expressions in your pics....You seem like such a fun person...happy go lucky:) My girlfriend and husband attended this event too:)

  8. I'd LOVE to go!!! Looks like you had a blast! :) You both deserved such a great and fun week-end - I'm so happy you were able to go!

  9. You don't know me but I follow your blog. We have 3 things in common infertiltiy/miscarriage, faith in God, and our love for DISNEY!!!
    You have a wonderful spirit and I enjoy reading your most inspirational blog. I pray that one day you will get to see Disney through the eyes of your child.

  10. Awesome!! It makes me happy to see you two having so much fun and enjoying each other! My hubby use our Disneyland annual passes often to get away from the funk of IF and miscarriages. :). I wonder if they have night if joy here in Anaheim seems like a great combo!! Disney and Christian music

  11. sounds AMAZING! so glad you guys got to get away for some fun and some God time. wish i didn't live all the way over here in the boonies:)

  12. Please take me!!! I would love to go! You look absolutely amazing in these pictures, you are beautiful and smiling, and to see that makes me cry tears of joy. I am so glad you were able to get away and experience some fun!