Friday, October 15, 2010

A Day to Remember…

Today is National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day. In 1988, President Ronald Regan proclaimed October as National Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month.   Later, October 15th became recognized as the day to promote support, education and awareness for grieving parents nationwide.  According to a 2004 report conducted by the CDC, in 2000, 15.6% of pregnancies in the United States ended in either a miscarriage or stillbirth. 

There are so many mothers and fathers (and others touched by their losses) that are grieving the loss of their babies - today and every day.  Many of these families are suffering in silence.  Please take a moment with me to remember all of these lost lives and and to pray for all of those hurting parents throughout our nation and the rest of the world.  The pain never goes away…some things get easier as time passes, but the hurt, the lost dreams, the memories will always be there. 

I thank the Lord for the short time that we had with our little babies and for the knowledge that we will get to meet them one day.  I wish we had had longer, but we are so blessed to have had the time that we did.

Today, I have spent much time in prayer for Barry and I, for many of you, and for those men and women that I do not know who are also hurting.  I pray for peace, for strength to get through each day, for hope…Tomorrow, we are participating in A Walk to Remember here in Dothan.  I am looking forward to meeting other men and women who have lost their babies while remembering their short lives.

I appreciate all of the support and encouragement from each of you throughout this time in our lives.  I thank the Lord every day for each of you.  Thanks for remembering with us!


  1. Sending you love today and every day!

  2. Thinking about you today. Love you, girl!

  3. What an important day to be set aside for rememberance! I hope you and Barry had a great experience at the walk and met some wonderful people!