Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Stupid words

Words that I have become way too familiar with:

Infertility, laparoscopy, varicocele, sperm morphology, motility and concentration, clomid, IUI, IVF, 2ww, varicocelectomy, ovulation predictor kits, endometriosis, ultrasound, blood test, hysteroscopy, testosterone, luteinizing hormone, basal body temperature,  uterine cysts, progesterone, reproductive endocrinologist…


Instead I want to be familiar with these words:

Pregnant, home pregnancy test, BFP, nausea, headaches, first, second and third trimester, labor and delivery, childbirth classes, due date, embryo, epidural, full term, gestational age, glucose screening, hCG, implantation, maternity, stretch marks…


  1. Hey you! I'm so glad you're loving the windows live writer....it makes such a huge difference. I can relate to the stupid words: my OB told me this week I get to have another Laparoscopy in November....this is after three laps and a hysterectomy for the sole purpose of removing endo and the damage it had done. Nice! Oh well, I'm over the pouting. I did that for a few hours and complained and stressed over the financial side of it as well as the risks involved and then I decided it would be much easier to put all that effort into simply trusting God. So today I'm chosing to trust. Tomorrow could be a different story. Hopefully not though! Yeah, I agree....stupid words!!!!

  2. What a beautiful site you have created, Lisa. I love the music and sweet words in Sometimes He Calms The Storm and If You Want Me To, but it is the words and music in Testify To Love which speak so poignantly to my heart. As I read your recent posts and search for God's promises through my tears, I remember the verse in Matthew 7:11 that says, "If you being evil know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask Him?" How hard it is to wait...and how hard it is to know this is one precious thing I cannot give my children. Just know that I pray for God's best for you and Barry every day. I pray for His comfort and peace, I pray for your safety and happiness, and I pray for your children. I love you, Lynne/Mom

  3. I agree- who wants to to be able to rattle off "reproductive endocrinologist" without skipping a beat?! You are in my prayers :) Praying we can investigate childbirth classes soon!!