Thursday, February 11, 2010


They are predicting that DOTHAN, AL will be getting snow tomorrow??  What, what?  That just doesn’t happen.  I have lived her for 3 years and haven’t seen as much as a flurry.  On the news this morning it said rain/snow mix with a possible accumulation of 1-2 inches!!  That would be absolutely amazing!!  I LOVE LOVE LOVE snow!  I hope the weather people are not going to get my hopes up!  Keeping my fingers crossed we will see white tomorrow!


  1. awww..I hope you get some too! If you do, you should get TONS of pics so we can see! Love you!

  2. I hope you get some too!! I would send some to you but I'm afraid it would melt before it got there :-)

  3. Hooray for the SNOW! I can't wait to see your pictures and I will share mine with you too. We had enough for a snowball fight! The bad thing was it was wet snow and that hurts when you get hit with it. :-) Hope it reminds you of home and of wonderful things to come for you and Barry in HIS time.