Tuesday, April 14, 2015


Just an FYI...my mom moved down (from Alaska) right after the stroke to help. At first she and my mother-in-law (who temporarily came down from Birmingham), rented a house a couple doors down. Then my parents bought a house in the neighborhood and my mother-in-law went back home around the same time. My dad changed his work schedule in Alaska to allow him to come here about once a month for a week. 

My mom/dad is our ride to therapy (which I still do twice a week), she cleans the house, stays here nights when Barry is working (my concern is getting Elijah out fast enough in case of a fire) and takes us to church Sunday's that Barry works (we go to Sunday School when Barry is there, only church when he is not). She used to stay here during the day when Barry was at work, do laundry, cook, etc. I don't let her anymore. :)

I am fiercely independent so the fact that I need this help is maddening, but I have come to accept and appreciate the help. I am SO blessed. 


  1. I'm sure your parents consider it a blessing to be able to help you where needed, and a joy to watch Elijah grow up. I know I love being able to spend time with my grandkids. - Debbie Hensley

  2. It is so wonderful that you have your mom to help! I am so glad she is able to - and I'm sure Elijah enjoys spending time with her. I hope you continue to become more independent each day for you - I feel the same way myself - that I am fiercely independent.