Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Power in Prayer

There is power in prayer, well in the one that hears our prayers. I don't understand everything about it but I know we're commanded to do it and I know it's powerful. I've had several recent prayers answered. They might seem trivial but they're not to me. 

The first one, I was trying to zip up a jacket on Elijah (why he wanted a jacket in humid 80 degree weather is beyond me). After many failed attempts I prayed "God, please help me zip this zipper". The very first try after that prayer - I got it. (This situation (the after effects of the stroke) gives me MANY opportunities to pray with Elijah.)

The second would take too much explaining. Just trust me.

The third, real obvious one (there are more less obvious ones), was just this morning. I had a headache different than the ones I normally have and while I don't fear anymore having another stroke, I don't like the idea. So I prayed, through tears, "Lord, please take away this headache...." And guess what?? Headache gone. 

Now, I am not suggesting God is a genie in a bottle. There are many times God doesn't appear to answer our prayers and there are many reasons for that. But in those obvious times I can feel Him close to me whispering, "I am here, you need only to trust me."


  1. I'm glad to hear this Lisa. I seem to have lost this and there seems to be a distance. I don't feel heard - I've begged and pleaded, but my prayers weren't answered. I hope to get inspiration from your post and get back to that place of prayerful hope.

    1. Joanna, I just want you to know that God hears the prayers of every born again believer. He may not answer them the way we expect, or in our expected timeframe. But remember, He knows what is best for us ALWAYS.