Saturday, April 11, 2015


Since all of you didn't follow back in the day, I thought I would recap. On October 16,2012 I had a hemorrhage, or a stroke, in my brain stem (the area of your brain that controls everything - from breathing to walking). Barry and I were both at home (this was 2 days after we got back from Russia...thanks be to the Lord that it wasn't in Russia) and he called 911. I was in and out of consciousness but I remember the doctor at one point asking Barry if I had a power of attorney or a living will. I remember thinking, "I AM going to make it." I am determined. My neurologist always looks at pictures of the brain bleed and how far I've come and just says, "Incredible". It's a miracle. 

The brain bleed was due to a cavernous malformation, a brain abnormality that I was born with, knew nothing about,and  which normally would be operated on, but it is too dangerous, due to its location (deep in the brain stem). Sometimes these things never bleed (and people don't even know they have them), sometimes they bleed once/twice, etc There is no way to predict what mine will do. (Please join me in prayer that mine will NEVER rupture again!)

The stroke caused, and I still deal with, no feeling on the entire right side of my body, increased tone and constant muscle jerking on the right side, inability to walk or use my right hand properly, double vision, nystagmus (both my eyes constantly move up and down rapidly), poor balance, constant headaches ....

Now, I'm not complaining - I could be dead! - just telling it like it is. LOTS of opportunities for prayer and leaning on Him. 

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  1. Joining you in prayer for your brain bleed to never rupture again!! <3