Monday, January 25, 2010

Facebook drama

Facebook had become my arch-enemy until I found out how you can block people so you don’t see their status updates. That turned life around for me, so now I can pleasantly enjoy Facebook. :) I now automatically block most people who are pregnant or after I see them complaining about their children. Here’s why…several of my Facebook friends are constantly posting about their pregnancy – complaining about pregnancy symptoms, etc. AND I have Facebook friends who complain about their children. Sadly, I look at those people differently now. It really annoys me that people complain about something that is SUCH a blessing. Especially the ones that know we are trying to get pregnant and STILL complain about pregnancy symptoms on Facebook so I can see it…I just don’t get that. (Now I also have several friends who are pregnant and do not complain about their pregnancy on Facebook…they do get to stay on my list of approved status updates. :) I do have some very considerate friends.) So, most of these people get blocked automatically so I don’t have to see those comments - not because I judge them for making them, but because they are very difficult to see for an infertile. I think it will save some friendships.

I love my husband. He is normally a quiet, easy going guy...not much gets to him. However when something really does bother him he can most definitely speak up! Case and point…

While I have handled the Facebook situation the passive way by blocking people, he on the other hand handled it with this comment over the weekend…

Barry Williams Wishes all the people complaining about their pregnancy symptoms on facebook would stop being selfish, and just be know who you are. There are plenty of people who would love to be in you're position.”

he he he….exactly what I had been thinking but hadn’t had the courage to voice. I am proud of my hubby for being so bold. :) I hope that it will cause some people to think about the comments that they make before they make them. Hopefully it will also help some people feel thankful for their children and for their pregnancy.


  1. Ok, teach me how to block status updates without having to delete the friend from your list. =) I love FB too much to quit using it, but I do often get overwhelmed by baby and children updates.

  2. I agree with Rachel! Do tell how!?!?

    Yeah for DH being the bold one! That's my Dh too... He would totally post a status like that. That's what we have them around for, right??? :-)

    How are you feeling?? Any symptoms you care to tell about!!! :-)

  3. I agree, you are going to have to share how to do this with the rest of us.

    Can I just say, way to go to your hubby!!!

  4. Is it cool for me to complain about other people's children?

  5. HA! That is great! I don't have facebook (I don't need another pregnancy torture weapon, and I honestly find some of the rekindling-friendships a little creepy...but that is just me)... Yah, how are you feeling during this 2ww!! Have been praying for you!

  6. LOVE IT!!!! So proud of Barry!

  7. I'm laughing at Jamie's comment and trying to think back and make sure I haven't said anything that would be deemed "complaining". I think I post about some of our rough spots but mostly so everyone else can find the humor in it. :-) When red ink is all over my carpet and walls, Some one has to laugh right?

  8. I 100% agree with you. I actually was doing a google search to find a quote about pregnancy complainers to post on my FB because I am so sik of hearing it. We have been TTC since April 09 and it's been rough. Just did our 1st cycles of injectables and I am not pregnant, so as you can imagine when I read these comments I want to explode.. So if you don't mind I copied your husbands post and added a little to it :) Good luck!!!!!!!!