Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Updates and Random thoughts…

First of all I wanted to post some pictures that have been hanging out on my camera. Here are some more infertility journey pics…

DSC02341 At our first trip to the RE

DSC02387 Me posing with my Clomid before my first dose.


A street sign in Mobile that we saw on our 2nd trip to the RE…if only the RE was ON Conception Street, that would be awesome. But still, the street is in the same city as the RE, it has to mean something…right?

Next, some random stuff…

I had my Progesterone level checked yesterday. My nurse didn’t tell me what exactly they were looking for, just that I needed to get it checked on the 19th. They do not call you with the results of this one. She was throwing so much information at me that I forgot to ask what exactly they were checking for and why they didn’t call you. Oh well, maybe not knowing helps my stress level. At my appointment yesterday I came to the realization that every single pregnant woman in Dothan comes on Tuesday mornings to get their ultrasounds. Seriously, it was freakish. Normally when I am at the OBGYN there are 1 or 2 pregnant women but yesterday there were probably 10-15 women in the waiting room and EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM had a ginormous, about to pop belly AND most were holding ultrasound pictures. You think I am exaggerating, but I simply am not. I have no idea what was going on but I sure wasn’t enjoying it. It’s bad enough being around one pregnant woman but add 14 more of them as I wait to have blood work done because I can’t get pregnant…that was really not fun. With the Lord’s strength I made it through that appointment and have vowed never to go back on a Tuesday morning. :)

I have lost 15 pounds since being on the Sugar Busters diet! Woo-hoo! Not at all the reason for being on the diet but definitely a happy side effect! Several people have started noticing and asking me about the weight loss so that is exciting. Barry has also lost probably 20 pounds now. Go Sugar Busters! It’s exciting getting out my “skinny” clothes!

Weird thing about this cycle…every other cycle I have had since being off of birth control I have had bad acne from right around ovulation time until I start my period. I don’t know what hormone causes this during the 2ww but this cycle after being on Clomid and Ovidrel – no acne! I was thinking that it would probably get worse, but it has been a week since the IUI (so hopefully a week after ovulation) and still no acne. Awesomeness.

Side note - I absolutely think that “Toddlers and Tiara's” is an awful show. Has anyone ever seen it? The things those parents put their kids through! I could totally get on my soap box, but I won’t…I need to change the channel I think…

This 2ww is actually going pretty quickly. I have been busy with work - doing a lot of traveling, and the Lord has just really given me a peace about things. I am not counting down the days until the end of the 2ww, I am not analyzing and thinking about any weird symptoms that I might have…I feel pretty relaxed which is a good feeling. Praying that the relaxed feeling sticks around!


  1. Are you seeing Dr. K? I've heard about him! YAY for you losing 15 lbs already that is soooo good! I'm just guessing about the acne, but I'm wondering if it couldn't be the result of your new diet doing some good for you! or what about Juice Plus...aren't you taking those and vitamins too? They check your progesterone level to make sure you have ovulated and that it was a healthy ovulation. A level over 15 on a medicated cycle is considered healthy. Progesterone is released by the follicle or follicles that were mature enough to release an egg. The follicle fills up with fluid and is called the corpus luteum...if you are preg it will stick around and produce progesterone until the placenta takes over. Here is a link for info on normal levels on all diff types of fertility bloodwork:

    So glad your two week wait is going by fast!!

  2. CONCEPTION ST!!! Ha!!! I think if I were an RE, I would pay millions to be located there!!! Who wouldn't go to an RE on Conception St.!?!?!?

    I am so glad that you have peace! It's funny that you mentioned no acne- I don't have any right now either- just some reddish color in my cheeks! Nothing ever makes sense or is consistent ;-) Ha!! Oh well, moving forward!

  3. Exactly where you are right now! Crazy! And the acne, I usually have the same thing but this month nothing. It is really nice, and odd...but mostly nice. Not sure what it means!

  4. You have to love the no acne! I feel like I am a teenager again thanks to the acne I have in my 30's. Keep busy this next week. Love your updates and pictures. Will continue to send prayers your way.

  5. I am totally cracking up at Conception Street!!!! That is hysterical. Makes you wanna make out and ya the backseat on that street just in case it really means something more than just an akward street name!!!! Who needs an RE when there's Conception Street. I'm kidding of course. Okay, so it's late and I had too much fun with that. I really am praying for you and I am enjoying watching your updates.

  6. How is your 2ww treating you? Are you calm or worried to death? I've tried

  7. yeh the street sign is just too funny what a great pic to keep around!

  8. Congratulations on losing 15 pounds, I may have to try that diet myself!

    Praying for you during this (last!?)2ww.