Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Ovidrel trigger shot

The shot went well last night!  I never ever thought my husband would be giving me a shot, but then again, did any of us ever think that?  Probably not.  But he was a good Doctor.  Here is the picture we took right before the injection…

DSC02402  Note the fear in my face and the deviousness in Barry’s… :)

DSC02403And here is the Doctor coming at me!  Scary…

It actually didn’t hurt at all.  I hardly felt the needle, and just felt a little stinging when the serum starting going in.  No weird side effects yet either, yea!  Come on little eggies, come on out!  :)


  1. I don't think I like the look on the "doctor's" face with that needle in his hand!!! By the way, is that a "Comfy" in the background?

    Just as a reminder, you do have many family and friends who continue to pray for both of you, even without knowing all the details!

  2. I'm so glad the trigger went well! My hubby did a great job with the shot, too :) Who knew they had medical talents?!

    I didnt have any blog time yesterday, but in response to your question of whether we told people about the IUI, I only told my sisters and my in real life friends who wouldn't be hounding me 2 weeks later. So, of the in real life people who know about our trying, only some of them knew about the IUI. Hope this helps!! Will be praying it's successful!

  3. Love the cute! It is scary isn't it?? But then it hardly hurts at all, and you feel almost silly for getting so worked up. Proud of y'all! To answer your question from yesterday, we told close family and friends and our pastors/elders. It was hard to have to tell my friends that it was a negative, but I usually just sent out a mass text message. Their support was worth it! Hope this helps!! And go eggies go!!

  4. I love the pictures, I wish we would have thought about that for our first Trigger! It's funny how husbands get so much joy out of giving us a tush shot.

  5. That's so cute to document your first trigger. Your hubby is awesome! I don't know if my hubby could be up to giving me a shot, he probably would be too nervous!

  6. Barry looks a little "to happy" to be giving you that shot. Praying for good news soon and peace of mind for God's will.