Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The plan

Alrighty, so here is the plan for the rest of this first cycle on Clomid…I had an ultrasound yesterday and it looks like I have 2 good follicles there almost ready to go. They are having me do the trigger shot (Ovidrel which NO PHARMACY keeps in stock apparently) tonight between 10pm and midnight. Then we will have our first (and hopefully last) IUI scheduled for Thursday morning. Next week I will go in for a Progesterone check and then the following week for a Pregnancy test.

We got Barry’s semen analysis results back and the motility is kind of low…much lower than his last semen analysis. The initial test back in the day showed I think a 13% motility, after the varicocelectomy it jumped up to 58% and this last test it is down to 39%. So I am not quite sure what is going on there (nurse said it could be medication, cold weather, sickness, etc.), but because of those results the RE recommended we go ahead and do the IUI instead of timed intercourse. The only hesitation is that normally on Clomid they do a Progesterone check a week after taking it and since we didn’t know for sure we would be doing the IUI they didn’t have me do that. So there is no way to know if the Clomid worked…but either way I have 2 mature follicles, so hopefully we’ll be good!

We will be giving the “specimen” at the Urologist office, waiting around while they wash it, carrying the “specimen” (hopefully our future children….well half of them, it does take 2 parts…) to the OBGYN and having the IUI there. It makes me a little nervous doing it there and not at the RE because the OBGYN’s office doesn’t do it all the time…but driving another 7 hours after we just did that last week doesn’t seem like a good option…. so we thought we’d give the urologist/OBGYN a try. I think it’s funny that to transport the “specimen” from the urologist to the OBGYN’s office we have to keep it warm. She recommended keeping it in our arm pit or in my bra. I can just see us sitting in the waiting room with my husbands sperm nestled in my bra. It makes me laugh just thinking about it for some reason. I will be taking good care of those little spermies!!

So a question to everyone who have done these IUI’s before…do you tell people before you have them? I mean not on the blogosphere? Because I don’t want it to be common knowledge when we get pregnant that we are pregnant until I am many weeks along…but if you tell people that you are having the IUI they pretty much know about when you should know if you are pregnant. And if they ask about it and you are pregnant do you lie? The Bible says not to lie…but if we don’t want people knowing…and I am not talking about letting the whole world know but friends, family, people at church that know about our infertility…how do you handle that? I REALLY don’t want to have to tell people “Nope, not pregnant, the IUI didn’t work.” It’s hard enough hearing the information yourself…which I also don’t like. (I would rather just find out I am not pregnant when my period starts. I don’t at all want to go get blood work and have the nurse call me to tell me I am not pregnant. Hopefully that won’t have to happen…) But really, hopefully people are smart enough not to ask “Did it work?” “Are you pregnant?” but they might…and then what do we do? I also don’t want to keep in private that we are doing the IUI because I want my prayer warriors praying for it!! Help?!…


  1. Thanks for including my question about how to tell people about the IUI without them asking later if it worked. Hopefully those who are close enough to us to remember that the results should be in when they are will know that they shouldn't bring it back up unless one of us mentions it first. I love you!

  2. Good luck!!! I've been thinking about you and will be praying for you all!!!

  3. That's great that you're going ahead with the IUI, I've had 4 failed cycles with the RE, and I have not had my IUI yet. I would have had my first this month, but my estrogen was less than 20! That's the lowest it's ever been, and I was taking Clomid! Ugh! Yay for your 2 follies, I never had any last month, and since my estrogen was so low this month, they never checked to see if I had any.

    Your question about telling is something I've struggled with too. Each month I'm not pregnant I feel like I have to make an announcement to all of those that know what's going on with me and it hurts. It makes me wish I hadn't told anyone.

  4. I am not sure a "correct" and "proper" answer to your question. I know that even knowing what you are going through I have not said one word to anyone, including those I work with about it. I feel that you should tell when you are comfortable and for many people they know and understand that it may not be until you have gotten past a certain point. Those who love you and are true friends will not pressure you for information whether good or bad. I guess to sum it up would be to tell only those you feel most comfortable with knowing and tell everyone else when you are ready. You have my support, love and prayers either way!