Sunday, March 7, 2010

Microscopes are cool

I don't know if this is the norm, but I have never heard anyone mention it…at our IUI appointment the other day we got to see the little spermies under the microscope!  It was so so cool!!  It totally made my day, and made it completely worth driving to Mobile, spending a ton of extra money and missing a whole day of work.  :)  They looked exactly like what you would imagine they look like!  When the embryologist told us we would get to look at them under the microscope we were really excited, but I just thought we’d be able to see little specks floating around.  Not at all the case.  You could see them really clearly and they were all swimming around…it made me think of the beginning of Look Who’s Taking.  :) 

After that excitement, the procedure was dull.  :)  It took FOREVER to get us back there.  The RE was doing an IVF that morning and there were some complications so it made our procedure run late.  The specimen was dropped off in the lab at 9am and it was after 1pm before the IUI!!  We were starving and I was very concerned for the lives of the spermies, but I was assured they would be OK.  We got to talk to them and give them a little pep talk too.  :) When the RE did the IUI he used the ultrasound while he was doing it so we could see the uterus and the sperm being injected in there.  That was pretty awesome too.  For IUI #1, my OBGYN in Dothan did not do the microscope or the ultrasound…again, making driving to Mobile totally worth it.

DSC02494 We felt like hippies here…but it means “IUI #2” :)DSC02497

The Mobile trip itself was fun too…we took it easy and just bummed around the rest of the day Friday, eating some amazing Cajun food and tons of seafood, getting a pedicure (me, not Barry) and napping.  Then yesterday we took our time driving back.  We stopped at Pensacola Beach to play in the sand and walk around and then took another detour to Destin for some PF Changs for dinner.  It was quite a detour driving out of the way just for PF Changes but I am all about driving for good food.  On multiple occasions in college we would make some lengthy road trips for good food (me and the girls mostly…Barry loves his food but doesn’t particularly enjoy driving for it).  We once drove down to the beach (4 1/2-5 hours) just for dinner.  We have driven to the Georgia state line (about 2 hours from where I was in college) for a caramel sundae at McDonalds after the Alabama McDonalds stopped carrying caramel.  I could name many more experiences of traveling for the sake of food.  Food is important to me.  Very.  I make sacrifices for food.  Gas money and time are some of them.

Here we are at the beach in Pensacola!DSC02500

And here is Barry playing with a ginormous jelly fish we found.DSC02506


Anywho, it was a fun trip and I am all inseminated now.  :)  Let’s pray that’s the last Mobile trip to the RE we will ever need to make!


  1. Praying, Praying, and that sounded like a fun road trip!!

  2. Praying for you!! I love road trips & I can totally identify with traveling for good food! :)

  3. wow that is so neat that they let you see that! Looks like y'all had a great time. Praying!!

  4. PRAYING!!! also... you look skinny!

  5. Praying Praying...LOVED those random dinner trips. I do believe it was Red Bar y'all drove down for correct? Yum Yum!

  6. Those microscopes are fun! Our IUI the RE showed us them and it was so neat! Hubby was so proud seeing his "army" moving around and all! hahaha!

    Praying that the road trip was just what you needed! :-)